Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legal process outsourcing

When studying about legal services available India, it is amazing fact that thousands of people from out side India are currently getting satisfactory services from the online legal support centers established in India. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has taken the country by storm. This service industry is paving the way and opening new horizons for the legal professionals in India. The young legal professionals in India are educated and highly qualified to provide legal services in all areas of law, including Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology.  The demand is increasing day by day as persons from European countries and United States of America are highly satisfied with the process completed by these law firms. The ideology of cutting cost & saving time and better value for clients while delivering may the best reasons for the flow of works and assignments. Most of the legal firms in India work according to the time schedule of US, UK and European legal firms so that the process of customer support and online services are going on in appropriate manner. 

The legal outsourcing in India has taken a quantum leap and the Indian LPO industry caters to all clients’ services including but not limited to Contract Drafting services Outsourcing, Contract Monitoring and checking services outsourcing, there are many more process like Contract Management Outsourcing, website compliance audit, Document Review Outsourcing, advices related to patent rights, Electronic Discovery Outsourcing etc. As part of globalization, the online legal supporting centers providing services like Litigation Support Outsourcing, Medico-Legal Outsourcing, and Medico-Legal Support Services etc. The practicing members of each centers can support not only the local people in need, but they can easily utilize their knowledge in international law by responses to legal practices including Medical Malpractice Outsourcing, Medical Malpractice Legal Support Outsourcing, Medical Malpractice Litigation Support Outsourcing, Litigation Document Management Outsourcing, Bankruptcy Filing Outsourcing, Legal Pleadings Outsourcing, Legal Documentation Outsourcing, Legal Pleadings and Documentation, Legal Research Outsourcing etc.
These services provided by logical and analytical lawyers in India are a boon for their American counterparts as well as law abiding and affected citizens in all common law countries.  The Indian lawyers provide quality, time bound services at a very (do not read cheap) reasonable rates and the public in the common law countries can afford these services and do not need to depend on lawyers who charge hefty fees like USD 500 per hour. 

On the beginning stages it was business process outsourcing, later some of the services related to law give way to form a new type of outsourcing service call LPO services. But now it is legal knowledge process outsourcing and legal support services. Legal Process Outsourcing companies functioning in India can easily utilize the resources available in the whole country. The law professionals and youngsters holding law graduation and post graduations in specialized law fields such as criminal law, commercial, arbitration, intellectual, contracts law, cyber law etc. can be successfully used for providing legal supports and services. The LPOs are working on basis of network framed with lawyers and modern Information technology facilities. The legal firms here in India are self sufficient to provide professional legal services.

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