Monday, October 3, 2011

State responsibility for health

The history of medicine as a science reveals that is has grown with intuition, observation and interpretation in the form of predictions and diagnosis depending upon age old experiences.  Its development has taken place in stages when it has drawn not merely from biological and natural sciences but also very richly from traditional cultures and social and behavioral sciences.  Thus medicine, inter alia is a social system with definite social goals. Every culture has developed a system of medicine and the medicine is an important part of every culture.  Hence there exists an organic relationship between medicine, human advancement and health.  This relationship is well exemplified by the development of Unani Medicine, Acupuncturing system of treatment and other ways of treatment in various parts of the world in different periods of history, each characterized by its own specific culture.  In view of this relationship of medicine with culture a correct assessment of the state of health of a place at a certain time cannot be had without a serious account of the prevailing law and policies of that place.

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